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The Singapore Chapter of the U.S. Navy League is proud to spread the news about our members and events in support of the sea services. You’ll find a selection of our articles in Singaporean and international publications below. We also invite you to take a look at our parent organization’s communications updates about the sea services, including SeaPower Magazine and The Navy Leaguer.

SAN April 2016

“‘Tactics before 9/11 were theoretical,’ Andy explains. ‘We had to transition from a force that was diving once a week to a force that would be in the desert 80% of the time. We discovered we were woefully unprepared for the battle space.'”

-Singapore American Newspaper, Apr. 2016 Edition (pg. 9)

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SAN Jan 2016

“The contingent of U.S. Marines based in Singapore may be small — only 8 Marines — but they are an impressive group. Members of the Singapore Chapter of the U.S. Navy League enjoyed joining our international community in celebrating…”

-Singapore American Newspaper, Jan. 2016 Edition (pg. 9)

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SAN Dec 2015

“The Navy birthday is not only an opportunity to recognize the U.S. Navy internally among Sea Service members and their families, but also a chance to enhance a positive and professional U.S. Navy image to friends and allies.”

-Singapore American Newspaper, Dec 2015 Edition (pg. 5)

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November SAN, Navy League

“Veteran’s Day was born from the profound appreciation of peace that followed the end of World War I. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, all major hostilities between Germany and the allied countries formally ended.”

-Singapore American Newspaper, Nov. 2015 Edition (pg. 11)

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SAN May 2015

“Singapore is a hub for U.S. military operations across Southeast Asia and is an especially important port-of-call for the U.S. Navy. To support the American service men and women visiting or living in Singapore, the Navy League holds events year round…”

-Singapore American Newspaper, May 2015 Edition (pg. 13)

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SeaPower Feb:Mar Cover

“In Singapore, where U.S. maritime activity is robust, ties between the U.S. sea services, their families, support staff, and the local community have become especially strong over the past decade.”

-SeaPower Magazine, Feb/Mar 2015 Edition (pg. 70-71)

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December SAN cover

“The Navy League, Singapore Council and the greater Singapore community is proud to offer its continuing support to crews like those of the USS Carl Vinson and looks forward to celebrating the 240th Navy birthday in 2015.”

-Singapore American Newspaper, Dec 2014 Edition (pg. 9)

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Seapower October 2014

“The Singapore Council hosted a panel presentation and discussion on the South China Sea May 26 titled ‘Current Disputes and Possible Future Outcomes of the Multidimensional Conflict,’ bringing together academics and experts from Singapore’s top institutions to provide insight into this critical issue.”

-SeaPower Magazine, Oct 2014 Edition (pg. 56)

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Seapower September 2014

“[The] USS North Carolina anchored in Singapore’s Changi Naval Base and welcomed members of the Navy League’s Singapore Council aboard for a private tour.”

-SeaPower Magazine, Sep 2014 Edition (pg. 55-56)

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SAN August 2014

“We provide people of all nationalities with unique opportunities to gain personal experience with the United States’ presence in Singapore and the region.”

-Singapore American Newspaper, Aug 2014 Edition (pg. 13)

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