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U.S. Navy colorguard

The 240th Navy Ball

October 10, 2015

The Singapore Chapter of the United States Navy League celebrated the 240th birthday of the United States Navy with its annual Navy Ball at the W Hotel, Sentosa Cove. The Navy Ball pays tribute to the service of the U.S. Navy and all members of the Sea Services and is one of the Signature Events of the U.S. Navy League.

Guests at the ball included members of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, Singapore Navy, U.S. Navy League, the Australian and New Zealand Navies, as well as distinguished representatives from the U.S. Embassy and their guests.

Blair Hall, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Singapore, and Rear Admiral Charles Williams, Commander of Task Force 73, were the Guests-of-Honor and spoke on this year’s Navy Ball theme of “Ready Then, Ready Now, Ready Always.”

The Singapore Chapter of the U.S. Navy League is a proud supporter of the U.S. Navy. Thank you to all our 2015 sponsors and Navy Ball Committee for making the 240th Navy Ball such a successful evening!




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The USS Fort Worth anchored at Sembawang

VIP Tour of the USS Fort Worth

November 5, 2015


After nearly a year of waiting, the Singapore Chapter was delighted to take a VIP tour of the USS Fort Worth! Navy Leaguers had the rare opportunity to get a tour from the Captain of the ship, Commander Christopher A. Brown. His hospitality, generosity, and insight into the workings of all aspects of the vessel made this tour one of the best!

We aren’t the only people who love the USS Fort Worth. It has the entire City of Fort Worth, Texas as a fanbase! Scattered all over the ship are tokens of this unique relationship —  everything from mounted longhorns to wagon wheels and even a hardhat from the Fort Worth Fire Department. The ship’s Mess area is called “Cowtown Diner,” and historical facts about Fort Worth are posted on bulletin boards throughout the corridors.

“The response we’ve had from Fort Worth has been overwhelming,” says Commander Brown. He has been sent CD recordings from Fort Worth musical artists with mentions of the ship. In late August 2015, Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. of Fort Worth released “USS Fort Worth,” an American session ale dedicated to the crew of the naval ship USS Fort Worth and donated a portion of sales to the USS Fort Worth Support Committee, which provides moral support and appreciation for the ship’s crew and families.

“I am proud to live and work in the city of Fort Worth, and it is an honor to have our city’s name on such a prestigious naval ship with a first-class crew,” said Fritz Rahr, owner of Rahr & Sons. “We wanted to recognize the brave men and women of USS Fort Worth as well as the other armed forces members with this special brew.” Read more…

The USS Fort Worth is a Freedom-class littoral combat ship built by Lockheed Martin, a proud Navy League sponsor. Fort Worth improved upon the designs of the USS Freedom, making her more stable, faster, and 10% more fuel efficient. According to Commander Brown, the ship’s Captain, “about two-thirds of the functions on this ship are automated,” which makes Fort Worth able to operate with a crew of only 54 people!

With her lengthen hull, Fort Worth houses a large flight deck able to support a MH-60R Seahawk helicopter and a Northrop Grumman (also a proud Navy League sponsor) MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned autonomous helicopter, which has affectionately been christened “Fifi.” Both helicopters are operated by the Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 35 (HSM-35), the “Magicians,” the U.S. Navy’s first composite expeditionary helicopter squadron.

Fort Worth has been busy! She arrived in Singapore on December 4, 2014 to begin what is expected to be the longest deployment of a United States warship since the 327-day deployment of the USS Midway in 1973. While Fort Worth plans to remain in the area of Singapore with the 7th Fleet until March 2016, we couldn’t wait to see her!

On 31 December 2014, Fort Worth was dispatched from Singapore to the Java Sea to take part in the search for Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 that crashed on the 28th. From January 3-15, she performed 650 combined search hours alongside USS Sampson (DDG-102) at the request of the Indonesian government. The maneuverability and shallow draft of the design allows her to conduct expeditious visual and radar searches in a congested, shallow water environment. The Fort Worth provided unique capabilities over the larger Sampson, and employed her two 11-meter RHIBs in 107 hours of operations.

The Singapore Chapter of the U.S. Navy League thanks the USS Fort Worth for an excellent tour and is proud to support her and the U.S. Navy!

To learn more about the USS Fort Worth, click here or check out her Facebook page.

Naval Attaché Sean O'Connor; Rear Admiral Roy J. Kelley Commander, Carrier Strike Group 12; AAS General Manager, Toni Dudsak; AAS President, Glenn van Zutphen

Carrier Strike Group 12 Reception

October 27, 2015



Members of the U.S. Navy League celebrated Carrier Strike Group 12 at a reception with our Community Partners: The American Club, the American Association of  Singapore, The American Women’s Association, and AmCham. Guests at the reception included Sea Services men and women from Carrier Strike Group 12 serving aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Normandy, as well as pilots from Carrier Air Wing One. We were also joined by officers from the USS Fort Worth, a littoral combat ship assigned to the 7th Fleet.


Remarks were made by Naval Attaché Sean O’Connor of the U.S. Embassy in Singapore and AAS President, Glenn van Zutphen in appreciation of the great service given by members of the Sea Services. Rear Admiral Roy J. Kelley Commander of Carrier Strike Group 12 also addressed the group, recognizing the mutually beneficial relationship shared between the U.S. Sea Services and our community in Singapore. As a token of appreciation of the hospitality they received, Carrier Strike Group 12 presented a ceremonial paddle.


A special member of our Singapore American community, Tawnya Hartberger, will be relocating to Houston, Texas after several decades of living in Singapore and raising her family here. Tawnya has managed the Home Hospitality program with dedication for many years. As a gesture of thanks for all her years of service, Glenn van Zutphen and Toni Dudsak presented Tawnya with a farewell gift.


To read more about this event or to see more pictures, please visit the AAS website:

Navy League President, Ray Corrigan, and Captain Scott F. Robertson

USS Normandy Wardroom Reception

October 26, 2015

Officers from the USS Normandy enjoyed a Wardroom Reception with members of the U.S. Navy League at The American Club. Dinner was served poolside amidst happy greetings and toasts. The party continued at the Eagle’s Nest sports bar inside.


The term “wardroom” is meant to denote a special area on board ships reserved for officers above the rank of midshipman. Eventually, it came to be synonymous with those officers who could access the space. As the wardroom was considered a place of privilege, certain forms of etiquette evolved to be used by wardroom officers. Traditionally, the topics of politics, religion, and sex are to be avoided. It is also considered inappropriate to perform work, meet with subordinates, or discuss professional business in a wardroom. In short, the wardroom is a place for pleasant conversation, good food and drink, and well-earned comforts.


U.S. Navy League members were happy to participate in such an enjoyable tradition and thank the USS Normandy Wardroom for sharing your stories and experiences with us!


Read more about the USS Normandy and her visit to Singapore.

A view of the USS Roosevelt at twilight

Reception aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt

October 24, 2015


Members of the U.S. Navy League were honored to join a reception aboard the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier. The USS Roosevelt, accompanied by the USS Normandy, came to Singapore after finishing a tri-lateral Malabar training exercise with Indian, Japanese Self-Defense Force on Oct. 19. Prior to that, the Roosevelt completed a tour in the Middle East.


The reception attracted close to 500 guests from the U.S. Embassy, the U.S. Navy, the Singapore Navy, the Japan Self-Defense Force, the U.S. Navy League, and many other distinguished members of our international community here, in Singapore. Guests aboard the Roosevelt enjoyed an open bar and a delicious buffet dinner as they listened to the night’s Keynote Speakers and explored the flight deck.


The Singapore Chapter of the U.S. Navy League thanks the officers and crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt for their generous hospitality and for giving all of us an outstanding evening with members of the Sea Services.


You can see the Roosevelt in action in this video! To keep up with the USS Theodore Roosevelt, click here.


As always, you can gain access to U.S. Navy League, Singapore Chapter, events through email or on our private Facebook page.


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Members of the U.S. Navy League with their guide on tour aboard the USS Normandy

Tour of the USS Normandy

October 24, 2015


U.S. Navy League members had the opportunity to tour the USS Normandy (CG-60). The USS Normandy is a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser equipped for surface-to-air, surface-to-surface, and anti-submarine warfare. The ship is named after WWII’s Battle of Normandy and has been active since the late 1980’s.

Normandy came to Singapore after completing a deployment to the Middle East as part of the Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group. It remains attached to the USS Roosevelt aircraft Carrier as escort and protector in Asia. U.S. Navy League members were able to meet members of both crews during the afternoon at Changi Naval Base.

To learn more about the USS Normandy, click here.


Celebrating the Sea Services!

The 2015 Navy Ball

October 10, 2015

The Singapore Chapter of the U.S. Navy League, distinguished speakers and honored guests, and members of the U.S. Sea Services celebrated the U.S. Navy’s 240th Birthday! We thank all our sponsors, members, and Navy Ball Committee for making this evening a fantastic tribute to the U.S. Navy. Here is a sneak peak of the event. More picture will be coming soon!

A starboard quarter view of the nuclear-powered attack submarine Oklahoma City (SSN-723) underway on 26 February 1988. Official USN photo # DN-ST-89-01401 by Chris Oxley, courtesy of

A Tour of the USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723)

October 1, 2015

This morning, Navy Leaguers had the opportunity to visit and tour the Los Angeles-class submarine, the USS Oklahoma. The USS Oklahoma was launched on November 2, 1985 and has been on active duty since being commissioned on July 9, 1988. From September 30, the sub was moored at Berth 5, Changi Naval Base in Singapore for a four-day liberty port visit.

To keep up with this sub, visit its Facebook page:

To see more of the USS Oklahoma (SSN-723), check out this video:

An Evening With A Former U.S. Navy Intelligience Officer

An Evening With A Former U.S. Navy Intelligience Officer

August 19, 2015


As part of the YBC Mentor Series, the British Chamber of Commerce hosted a briefing entitled “An Evening With A Former US Navy Intelligence Officer.” The British Chamber of Commerce extended special invitations for several Navy League Members to attend. In this session, Ray Corrigan, the country head of Raytheon and the former US Navy Intelligence Officer shared his working experience and how young professionals can have lots of different roles within their career. Ray shared insights into achieving career success.

For more information about this event, please click here.


USS Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group Senior Service Reception

January 20, 2015

In collaboration with our Community Partner, the American Association of Singapore, and Rear Admiral Charles Williams, COMLOG WestPac, the Navy League supported a reception for the Senior Service men and women of the USS Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group at the American Club.


Images courtesy of the American Association and the American Club.