NLUS Singapore | Aboard the USS Coronado
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Aboard the USS Coronado

8 February 2017

Cmdr. Scott Larson, commanding officer, of the littoral combat ship USS Coronado, lead a tour for the Singapore Chapter of the Navy League and their family members aboard the Coronado. The Coronado is a fast and agile warship with a unique trimaran design making it tailor-made to patrol the region’s coastal waters. All the important parts of the ship were included in the tour, and knowledgeable sailors were available for further explanations on parts of the ship not directly included in the tour. The Seahawk and the unmanned helicopter, Fire Scout, drew a lot of attention. Stories heard from the crew members make the tour experience come alive.



Here is what a Navy Leaguer had to say:

“My son Sawyer and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour aboard the USS CORONADO.  I even picked up Sawyer and got him out school early for this tour, but its Just a Navy ship.  Not just any Navy ship, but an Independent Class-Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and we have no idea when we would be able to tour one of these again.  So I think it was very worthwhile to pull him out of school for this tour, an ‘At-Sea’ (or Dockside) education so to speak…. I think Sawyer really enjoyed the tour because he got a glimpse of what life is like for active sailors aboard a real warship, rather than just listening to his father’s sea stories …  It was a real treat for the Captain of the CORONADO to give the tour, that duty is usually left to the Public Affairs Officer … for the day.  So getting the insight and our questions answered by the Captain was terrific.  Sawyer of course had several questions for me after the tour, which is great, it sparked his curiosity and enthusiasm.  The meeting point at the Botanic Gardens I think was a good meeting point… I also appreciate and very thankful for the Navy League for setting the tour up, arranging transportation and most of all, allowing kids to see a real active commissioned ship and have a Q&A session with the Captain. Sawyer and I are excited and looking forward to the next ship tour.”

Thank you to Navy Leaguers Jon and Devin Steward for sharing their experiences with us! We are always happy to hear positive responses to our events and collaborations with the service men and women in Singapore!

Appreciation goes to Marunda Engineering and to Lt Cmdr. Arlo Abrahamson for their efforts in making this particular tour feasible. A special appreciation to Bruce Bird for his commentary on the history of the Sembawang Navy Base; the many roles it played during war times; the multinational nature of operations as it function now as a commercial shipyard. Bruce provided meaningful context that added to our overall appreciation of the port.